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 Let the experts be your Interview Coach

Hiring a personal trainer to get in shape is smart and so is getting an Interview coach to get you in shape for interviews!

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With over 20 years of recruiting for major International organizations, we are on a mission to help future candidates.

Being interview ready is so important for every candidate. With over 20,000 interviews conducted, I have seen so many (as high as 95%) candidates fail at interviews. I will train you on how to succeed at interviews, the same way I have trained recruiters to Interview candidates like you. I am the hiring expert! I will give you insider knowledge and skills on how to master the interview process, and train you how to communicate in a style that leaves the interviewer impressed. I will ensure you walk into the interview with confidence. Coaching is available for all individuals ranging from graduates starting out in their careers, to the individual who has an interview for a promotion, and even to the CEO who is being headhunted.

People spend time and money on CV's, clothing and even travel to attend their interviews but never consider that there are skills in 'smashing' that interview. I can provide you with the tools and tips that you will not get from any other source. I often look at various YouTube videos, social media platforms, blogs and even websites where the information and advice is incorrect. In some cases even detrimental to your success. Many organisations now require you to add a video as part of your application, this is commonly used in the shortlisting process, in most cases, you only have a few minutes to 'shine' which puts even more pressure on you. Investing in a coach is a smart decision to make if you want to land your dream role!


Elite Flexse HR Solutions Coaching Team

What to expect to cover in the sessions?

First impressions: 

Setting the scene

Good communications and body language 

Dress appropriate - grooming and self-presentation 

Interview etiquette - do's and don'ts 

The sessions will show you: 

How to structure your approach

Identify the competencies you will be measured against 

How to anticipate potential questions 

How to prepare effective answers

Rehearse your interview with your coach 

How to deal with probing questions 

How to deal with nerves/anxiety 

Be confident and perusable and 'ace the end' 

Assessment centres: 

Assessment centres are regarded as one of the most reliable forms of selection tools 

Opportunity to understand the process and how to participate in success


Psychometric testing:


How they work and how interviewers use them in interviews 







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