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Our HR retainer package can bring many benefits to your organisation. Our cost efficiency allows our clients to have the benefits of a full time HR manager, at a fraction of the cost. The Elite 'On Retainer' package that we offer gives our clients direct access to their seasoned dedicated HR manager. We take an end-to-end delivery of your HR functions within your workplace. We will ensure to manage your employees, whilst educating your organisation on the key fundamentals of an engaged workforce.

Happy people are productive people!

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  • Employee Engagement 

  • Performance Reviews

  • Organisational Structure

  • Downsizing/Upsizing 

  • Talent Management

  • Redesign HR Process

  • Cultural Transformation 

  • Recruitment

  • On boarding/Off Boarding

  • Disciplinary and Capability Hearings

  • Leadership Training

  • Tailor made Training

Our custom HR solution package is ideal for when you are faced with an unfamiliar HR project that requires additional expertise. For example, this could be a recruitment campaign, succession planning, staff transitioning, training needs, new policies/procedures or just a simple people management challenge. Whatever scenario you may face, you can bring us into manage it smoothly, efficiently and with integrity.





We believe in a full 360 degree approach, the crucial steps before, during and after. 


If you are a graduate going for an interview, an employee doing a competency based interview for a promotion, an executive in the private or public sector, or even a CEO who is being headhunted, we will help you do the best interviews to secure that role. 

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